After you’ve looked over the adoption application, it’s time to decide if you want to move forward, or if you want to turn down the applicant.

If you’re not interested in moving forward, it’s highly recommended that you send the applicant a quick note letting them know. This can be uncomfortable, we know, but it’s a really courteous thing to do. Also, it helps the person move on and find another pet who might need a home quickly!

If you are interested in moving forward, we recommend three steps before you set up an in-person meeting:

  1. Do your own research. Google is your friend; try Googling the person’s name or email address and see what comes up.
  2. If Google doesn’t bring back anything alarming, set up a phone meeting. Take another look at the application and make a list of any follow-up questions you’d like to ask. The phone meeting is a perfect time to talk specifically about your pet and his or her needs and quirks. For instance, if your pet is picky about other animals, if she will only eat an expensive brand of dog food, or if he tends to get really matted and requires frequent grooming, make sure the applicant is aware and able to accommodate all of your pet’s needs. Give the applicant the opportunity to ask you all of their questions as well.

If, after the phone meeting, you have any nagging doubts, trust your instincts! Better safe than sorry. If all signs point to “go”, it’s time to set up an in-person meeting!