Have you Lost your pet or Found a Pet?

If you find a dog or cat walking alone on the street and there is no one around, it could be an abandoned pet, but it could also be a pet that has been lost.

At Miwuki, we want pets to return home as soon as possible, we help reunite lost pets with their owners.

I LOST my Pet

  • Access to Miwuki Pet Shelter on Google Play or the Web version

  • Click on «Adjust search» to access the Filter

  • Select the «LOST» option

  • If you do not find your lost pet, we suggest you to look for animals for adoption in your area. It may be that the person who found your pet took he / she to an animal shelter and it was published as «In Adoption» (there have been cases)


  • Download Miwuki Pet Shelter on Google Play or access the Web version

  • Create an account with your email or Facebook

  • Access to your profile and click on «Upload animal in Adoption»

  • As soon as its owner appears, we will send you an email so you can contact him/her


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