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Is Miwuki free?2018-05-25T13:30:32+02:00

The use of the platform is TOTALLY FREE for pet shelters and adopters.

Can private individuals also participate?2018-05-25T13:29:34+02:00

No, Miwuki Pet Center is only destined for pet shelters, if you are an individual click here for more information.

I already use a management system, why would I use Miwuki Pet Center?2018-05-25T13:32:16+02:00

Miwuki Pet center works for the management of Animal Shelters … as well as for promoting the animals that are looking for a home. We have a very broad database of people interested in adopting , we can reach interested people from any country.

That is why Miwuki Pet Center is of great help both for the management and finding a home for animals.

Do you have a limit of animals in your shelter, association or as individual?2018-05-25T13:31:22+02:00

You can upload an unlimited number of animals. There is not limit.

How would the registration of animals be done?2017-11-24T14:02:57+01:00

Registration is done through the mobile application (Android) or the online platform

What species are included?2018-05-25T13:32:57+02:00

All type os species

Is it necessary to fill in all the information about the animal?2017-11-24T14:03:08+01:00

It is not necessary, there are only 3 mandatory data fields 3: Name, sex, and size of the animal. The rest of the information is totally optional, although we recommend to fill as much as possible to pair the adopters’ lifestyle and the characteristics of each animal, thus increasing the chances of success of the animal in its new family.

Why do you ask for all this information about the animal?2017-11-24T14:03:15+01:00

Because in the adoption app users can fill out a form about their lifestyle (if they have small children at home, other pets, size of the house …) and only the animals that fit their profile the best will show up, in this way we increase the probability of permanence of the animal in its new family without surprises!

Would the updates of the information of each animal would be my responsibility?2017-11-24T14:00:41+01:00

Updating the information of each animal would be your responsibility, nobody knows the animal better than you 馃檪

Will my data be shared in any way? (Contact, location, telephones …)2017-11-24T14:00:48+01:00

No! At no time, will we show anyone the information you have provided about yourself. We will never show information about the person in charge of the animal or the guardians. No phone, name, mail … Nothing, only if the person in charge of the animal wants to provide it because considers that the adopter could be a good candidate.

If you are not going to give my data to the adopter, how will he contact me?

Through an internal chat application or via anonymous email.

Who would receive the chat / mail on a possible adoption, the manager, or the user responsible for uploading the animal?2017-11-24T14:00:54+01:00

The route of communication will be carried out by email and chat.

The email will be sent to the main email (the one that is added when you leave the platform) and the animal manager, both will receive the same email.

As for the chat, it will only be received by the person in charge of the animal.

What role do the volunteers have exactly within the app?2017-11-24T14:01:01+01:00

Volunteers help uploading / modifying and keeping the card of some of the animals of the shelter. The main function is that if there are many animals in a shelter / association not only one person is in charge of uploading them all to the platform, as a team this work will be much simpler.

However, even if a volunteer uploads an animal, the administrator(s) can modify the person in charge to have another one receiving the chats or emails from people interested in adopting or managing that animal.

Can all volunteers upload or modify animals?2018-05-25T13:34:25+02:00

Yes, all shelters or volunteers can upload / modify animals. Administrators can add volunteers so that they can also add / remove / modify new animals in the application.

Can breeders participate in the platform?2017-11-24T14:01:15+01:00

Never! Only animals for adoption are allowed, we control that no one profits from this initiative and anyone with hints of selling animals will be permanently banned.

How do you control that no one sells animals through the platform?2017-11-24T14:01:22+01:00

We minutely check everyone on the platform. Registration monitored, we first must approve the application access requests and if we suspect attempted sale of animals then these are not approved. In addition, if miss somebody, in the platform of adoptions there will be a button to denounce them to give us the warning. No one can ever profit from this initiative.

Do you have some kind of control over adoptions?2017-11-24T14:01:28+01:00

We do not establish any type of control over adoptions, everything depends on the shelters. The information about the animals that appear in Miwuki Pet Center

What is the difference between Pet Center and Pet Shelter?2017-11-24T13:59:18+01:00

Miwuki Pet Center is a platform for shelters, associations, or individuals (raising animals and management) and Miwuki Pet Shelter is an application for people interested in adopting. They are different.


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